Monday, May 16, 2011

Summit VII

My head is still spinning trying to process Summit VII.

It was overwhelming. Over 1500 people coming together to

talk, network, inspire, learn, and advocate for the orphan.

the topics were many

poverty, adoption, church adoption funds, global initiatives, foster care

and the need,

orphans, street kids, poverty, injustice, human trafficking

the need breaks my heart.

It steals my breath and SCREAMS, YOU MUST DO MORE!

On my own, the need is paralyzing. Thankfully I'm not on my own and it is not up to me to rescue. I am called to obey, one step at a time. He may or may not call me to do "great" things (by the world's standards) to alleviate the need.

That is His job, not mine.

He simply asks that I listen to His voice and obey His call, big or small, whatever that may be.

Interested in a few sound bytes/links from the Summit? Here you go -

  • When our children look into our eyes do the see how precious they are? - Karin Purvis is a rock star. Go to Empowered to Connect to find helpful resources and videos if you are the parent of a child from a hard place.

  • Poverty alleviation is not about us coming and rescuing the poor, it is about us coming together with them and working toward a closer relationship with Jesus. We must walk humbly with the materially poor as Christ transforms us both. - Brian Fikkert, co-authored the book When Helping Hurts. Kory's thoughts on Brian were this, "I like listening to smart people and I like listening to funny people, but I really like listening to smart, funny people." We are planning on buying this book, it is a paradigm shift we all need.

  • We are not called to save the world, we are called to be a light. - Kristen Welsh, a favorite blogger of mine and founder of Mercy House. You can find her blog here.

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Kirk and Keri Plattner said...

Thanks for the links. "When Helping Hurts" is a great book! Glad you guys were blessed by the conference.