Tuesday, March 02, 2010


In a house with small children, peace and quiet can be a hard to find.

With the birth of each child, the everyday clamor has slowly increased. A cacophony of sounds have made themselves at home, making quiet a scarce commodity in our house, especially in the hours before dinnertime!

Voices play-acting, footsteps running, tromping and jumping, blocks falling, toys flying through the air and landing, boys yelling in fun and frustration, doors slamming, little boys crying, laughing, falling, water running, kids barking, chasing, tackling...

Some of the sound bites that come my way, I wish I could bottle up and hold forever. Hearing my tw0-year old hum Jesus Loves Me as he plays or listening in on the twins as they play trains are moments I treasure. When little voices say "Thank You Mommy" or even better "Love you Mommy" I can't help but smile.

Sooner than I think this house of mine will fall silent and peace and quiet will become the new norm. So today I am giving thanks for the gift of a noise-filled home and the dull roar created by the special little people who populate it.

What are some of the noises (fun, endearing, or frustrating) that fill your home?


Kelli said...

These very thoughts run through my mind often. Being intentional in cherishing every moment has helped in dealing with all aspects of being a mom. Thanks for sharing of your heart!

Jami said...

Oh the noise! Right now I'm listening to Hud and Rae play happily. That is good noise but as you know it can change any instant! :) Great thoughts, Mego!

Cindy said...

Right now I am listening to my 14-year-old son loudly sighing because I won't purchase the tennis shoes that he wants. Believe it or not, I love having teenagers, and I think I will miss the days of setting boundaries that are constantly challenged.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I hate senseless noise and the noise from video games really gets to me!