Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Change is Coming

I've been feeling a little melancholy today.

We are in the process of moving Sean out of Suhn's room. Sunday night was his first night in a "big boy bed" which he shares with his sister. Today I will be moving his clothes and toys into the boys room. The kid will have one room by day and another by night.

It is exciting. It signifies the coming of change. I have never been great with change.

I think every pregnancy this melancholy feeling visits me as I realize our family dynamic will transition to somethingn else. No matter how much I look forward to the change itself a part of me mourns the idea that things will never be the same. This "pregnancy" is no different.

I know the feelings will pass. I know we will adjust to our new family dynamic. I can't wait for Suhn to come home. But for me, transitions are hard. They mark the end of something.

When I remember they also mark a new beginning, the melancholy feeling dissipates some.

Never completely, but I am okay with that.

Its just one more part of the journey.


sarah.flyingkites said...

I think I could have written this post!

Growing up, I got depressed when my mom changed my wallpaper in my room.

I love when transition takes a new normal and you forget the old normal.

I am so comforted with the fact that God is UNchanging!

Daish said...

Amen. I am the same way with change...I'm starting to hit the point of this new life with Trec becoming the new normal, and I'm glad. I'll pray for you Meg. I so understand. Love you.

Real Reedy said...

I felt the same way last winter before Amelie was born. It's a bittersweet time.

megs @ whadusay said...

Dear Friends, it is so comforting to know I'm not alone! Thanks for your comments and your prayers.

Amber said...

You're most definately not alone Megan! I so understood what you shared. We'll continue to pray for you now.. . and as your new normal becomes real as well once Suhn is home! Hope Sean is doing well!

smw said...

i can definitely relate, as well. family dynamics changing always worries me. once it happens i just hold on for dear life as i wait for the new to become old. :)

Jessica said...

Oh Megan...I understand this post very much. I think the unknowns of what a change can really bring is kind of stressful. Know I have been and will continue to keep praying for you and your family. Love you friend!

Jami said...

Beautifully written Megan. I love you and will be praying specifically for you regarding this change! This wonderful, God ordained change! He will never fail you - you are right where He wants you. I love you!