Friday, June 19, 2009


Thank you so much for your prayers! Below are the two most recent updates from Kirk and Keri. We are praising God!!!


Keri and Daisha arrived safely at Peoria St. Francis around 5:30 thismorning. Please continue to pray for Daisha's strength and for my traveltoday with the boys. We have no idea how to express our gratitude for yourprayers and support. Its indescribable!

Love, Kirk and Keri

Keri and I came home last night to spend some time with the boys. This morning we arrived back at the hospital around 8:30. When we went in thismorning, we noticed a marked difference in Daisha. She was breathing alittle calmer, she was very active, and she was acting hungry.

Aftertalking to the doctor, the doctor confirmed our suspicions and said thatwhile she was not ready to be taken off of the CPAP, her respiratory ratehad definitely decreased. Also this morning, we began receiving positiveinformation regarding a possible air ambulance team that may be able to transport her to Peoria. We received confirmation of the medical evacuation sometime mid-morning. We went home shortly this afternoon to pack up somethings for Keri and to get things in order.

At about 7:00, the airtransport team arrived at the hospital, got Daisha ready to fly, and left byaround 8:20. Keri and Daisha are currently in route to Peoria St. Francis.

Lord Willing, I will be bringing the boys on a flight on Friday. WhileDaisha is certainly not "out of the woods," she does seem to be showing some progress. She is not ready to breathe without assistance, but we pray that the antibiotics will continue to work against the infection. We have been very encouraged by the evidence of the Lord going before us and being a lamp to our feet. Thank you so much for praying. We reminded ourselves as the ambulance left that her well being is still in the hands of the Lord and not in the high tech equipment and trained personnel. Please keep praying with us!

Love,Kirk and Keri


Marie Stork said...

So thankful

Daish said...

oh man, this situation just amazes me. i'm continually thinking of know i share her name. :) did you know i was born about 5 or maybe four weeks early too? i think we'll have to be and Daisha.