Friday, November 02, 2007

Intentional in the Small Things

Another week has flown by - filled with day-to-day routines, temper tantrums, and laughter - hundreds of moments that fill a day and make it unique. I can't believe it is November already. Time can be a deceptive thing, a moment (or hour) can drag on for an eternity, and then you blink and weeks have disappeared.

As time flies by, the important things of life can sometimes be pushed aside by the hustle and bustle of the everyday. Meaningful conversations and little moments that bind us together can be lost in the urgency of getting the next project done. The more this happens, the more life can lose its joy.

I am learning the importance of being intentional in my relationships. For me, this is learning to be intentional in the little things. Today my perpetual calendar reads, "Kiss you hubby every day--like you did when you were dating!," a "little thing" that brings joy to life.

I am learning the importance of
-turning off the TV to have a real conversation
-turning off the computer to play a game of Candyland
-taking the time (and money) for date nights
-putting my to-do list on hold to read a book to my kids
-stopping what I am doing to look my child in the eye and really listen to what they are saying

I fail at this more than I care to admit. The result is usually a feeling of disconnection from those I love. When I make my agenda more important than the relationships in my life, I usually suffer.

I think we were created to find fulfillment in relationships - first from God and then from those around us. Selfishness tries to rob me of that. It deceives me into thinking I will find more pleasure from putting myself first - in reality my selfishness sucks the joy out of living.

Life goes so fast. I hope in the end I will get it right more times than I fail. That I will have lived a joy-filled, relationship-rich life and that I will have no regrets for what I should have done.

Be intentional in your relationships today and take advantage of the small moments that bring life joy.


Holly said...

There's a lot of wisdom here. I think you are right - our life, more often than not, is the "small things." But a lot of small things add up to a good life.

Jami said...

Very good post Megan! It's a good reminder to make the most of TODAY!!

Love you!