Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Reality Check

The sun is setting; the smell of pine is in the air. I hear a soft crunch, crunch, crunch as I walk. The sounds of children playing are in the background.

Look out, here comes reality! The sound changes to children screaming, I look down and realize the soft crunch, crunch, crunch is my feet crushing Rice Chex into the carpet. The smell of pine (maybe a slight exaggeration, okay maybe more than that, our tree hasn't smelled for weeks) comes from our dead Christmas tree, which needed to leave our living room a week ago.

I am a romantic. I read books and watch movies and wonder why life doesn't match up. I remember having a conversation about this during my engagement. My mom made the comment that I (as previously stated) am a romantic - I want life to be like it is in the movies. The person we were talking to commented that although married life is not like it is in the movies, it is much deeper and that is a good thing.

You don't see reality in the movies (at least in the romantic comedies). The movie stops just before reality hits the love-struck, starry-eyed couple. We don't see them taking out the garbage, doing laundry and the thousand other everyday things that fill our lives because that would be boring. We also don't see the everyday struggles.

Depth in my marriage (and life) comes from the struggles - it comes from loving each other despite our imperfections. It comes from knowing we are going to stick it out no matter how frustrated we are with each other. It comes from learning to trust that I can be my true self and that he will love me anyway. It teaches me of God's love that never lets me go no matter how unlovable I am. Hmmm... that is actually quite romantic!

Fred Rogers once said, "Life is deep and simple, yet most people think it is shallow and complicated." Simple and deep sounds good to me. When all is said and done I'll pick real life over movie life any day.


Anonymous said...

Amen to that!!


Taylor said...

Oh, what I wished someone would have told me before I said I do. Society definately paints a picture that if your relationship isn't like the movies then there is something wrong, or you married the wrong person for you, or it is not meant to be - and society wonders why the divorce rate is so high? Give me a break! Unfortunately, I learned the hard way, marriage is hard and not like the movies at all! Oh, but the joy found in journing with someone through life is so romantic! So many people come and go from your life, but your spouse stays forever - to me there is so much more meaning and depth in that. The things I wish I could get through to my sister before she enters into one more relationship - there is no perfect match. Only perfectly matched through God who has divinely directed our steps - how romantic!

Marla H. said...

Romantics Rock!!!! I am with ya!!

Anonymous said...

You know...that was just what I needed to hear today. Life has been SO hectic lately and it has left Delayne and I frustrated and tired...of each other and everything going on in life. We just discussed how easy it is to look at others and see perfection, because we don't see the everyday-ness of their lives like we do our own. I appreciate you...and am so excited to read your blog.


Anonymous said...

i love that fred rogers quote!