Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Just in Case You Ever Wonder - a book review

Just in Case You Ever Wonder by Max Lucado, is a sweet book filled with things we all want to say to our children but sometimes in the business of life neglect to do.

I’ll always love you.
I’ll always hug you.
I’ll always be on your side.
And I want you to know that…
Just in case you ever wonder.

The words in this book (among other positive things) affirm the specialness of the child [God made you like no one else.], it reminds the child to call when she needs help [Remember I am here for you.], and at the end it shares God’s love and the hope of heaven [It’s a wonderful place.].  

The pictures in the book follow the life of a little girl, from her babyhood to young adulthood. They particularly focus on her life experiences with her father.  They are sweetly drawn and fun to look at.
But, they also bring out my one complaint with this book…

Because they focus solely on a little girl as she grows, I feel the pictures limit the book. I would love to have seen pictures of little boys. And, I would have loved even more to have seen pictures of adopted children. The words can apply to any child, but the pictures do not depict this. I can understand the appeal of focusing (through pictures) on the story of one, but when the words are not equally focused, I believe it decreases the connectivity of the children to whom we are reading the book to.

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Marla said...

Just in case you ever wonder...I am here for you :)