Monday, March 19, 2012


No, the title does not stand for Missing In Action, although based solely on the frequency of blog posts on this here space, you could draw that logical conclusion.

For today's purposes, however, MIA stands for Mya In Africa.

She was an amazing little travel partner. And while I can't say I loved/understood her movie choices on the plane ride over and back (she watched Rio, a movie she has already seen, 5 times), I do love her heart. She jumped right in with the kids she met, rarely complained and was generally one step ahead of us wherever we went.

My favorite Mya quote from the trip:  "Mom, the world is a lot bigger place than I thought."

She was not ready to leave Zambia, but I have a feeling she will be back someday.

Maybe she will return as an artist/teacher/missionary just like Aunt Leslie.

Below is a clip/compilation of  watching MIA (Mya In Africa).


sarah.flyingkites said...

ADORABLE video - loved it! Mya reminds me so much of Leslie..

Also, sad I didn't run into you on Saturday, but it was a great start to my morning seeing you walk out on center stage first thing :) Wish I had my camera ready. Enjoyed the day sooooo much!

smw said...

faye had to watch this twice. :)

Marla said...

Loved it!

Mom said...

So glad that Mya had such a great opportunity! I'm sure she will remember this the rest of her life. So fun to see her interacting with the kids.

Love, Grandpa and Grandma Kaeb

Tami said...

SOOO cute...she's such a sweetie, and I'm sure this trip was so great for her and her perspective on the world! Love it.

leah said...

oh my word. this is just darling! i love mya's sweet spirit and it looks like the kids in zambia did too!

what a neat opportunity for you both!

arlan and katie said...

so CUTE! great job on the neat to have it experienced it with you & I love the perspective Mya provided that sometimes we as adults get calloused to!


Kirk and Keri Plattner said...

I loved seeing Mya experience Africa. She seems like a natural-born missionary:)

Andy said...

Really cute video Megan! What great memories!