Friday, August 19, 2011

The Sappy "First Day of School" Post

The house is suddenly quiet. Today marked the beginning of a new season. The three big kids are off to school. One of the littles has started preschool.

5 - 4 = 1

One little left in the mornings to keep me company. It feels strange.

The kids are all ready for the change. Third grade, Kindergarten and even preschool are exciting adventures and my kiddos are ready. I am too. I'm excited to see what they learn, and how they grow. I'm excited to have one on one time with my little boy. I'm excited to walk with them through this next stage of life.


I got a little teary as I watched the bus pull away. The first day of school always seems to bring melancholy with it. It marks the passage of time and reveals the growing up like nothing else.

It makes me want to stop time or at least slow it down. Instead the opposite seems to happen.

Come Monday, melancholy will surely move on. We will jump into our new routine full force, time will ramp to warp speed, and I will do my best to make the most of my days as they race on.


Unknown said...

I'm crying reading this! You said it perfectly :) We are still in our PJs this morning, but come Monday it will all change.

Cindy E. said...

You are the best writer! Enjoy the full days of grade school children and embrace their enthusiasm for life! I moved Julie to ISU yesterday and Ryan to U of I. That makes three of our four beds empty at night. sigh....

Genny said...

It always makes me teary-eyed too! My kids start school next week and, while I'm looking forward to getting into more of a routine with my writing and other stuff, I am always sad (and sentimental) that first day of school. Thanks for sharing this sweet post. I hope you and your beautiful family are doing well!