Monday, November 02, 2009

A Recap

For family, and anyone else who might be interested, allow me to present a Halloween recap:

On Friday we attended the Halloween party in Mya's classroom. The boys were thrilled to be there. Really.

Just as Sean was ready to loose it, it was time to go home. I had the privilege of carrying a thrashing little boy (who wanted to walk by himself through a crowded parking lot), encouraging two big boys to stay close, and talking a little girl out of crying because she was being asked to walk through grass in the rain. It was wonderful mommy/kid bonding time. Did I mention it was raining? Really.

For Halloween this year we had three puppies and one kitty. A huge thanks goes out to Aunt Leslie for helping put the costumes together. I think they turned out rather good. Really!

After bringing home way too much candy, Mya waited patiently in front of the door just waiting for trick or treaters to come so she could fill their bags with candy. I think this is her favorite part of trick or treating. Really.

Now comes the job of monitoring their candy in-take until the monster stash is gone. Including the more difficult job of monitoring my candy in-take. Sigh. Really.


Kasey said...

Is this post a spin off of Chris and Amy from SNL? I'm loving it! The kids are looking too cute in their costumes. Looks like a load of fun, although I'm sure at the time it felt like it wasn't quite worth all the hassle! You're a good mom, Megs. Love you guys!

Jami said...

Oh they look so cute. Really! Really. Really!! Oh and Really! :)