Friday, October 02, 2009

Visiting Ukraine - An Update to a Previous Post

Not too long ago I put up a post I had written 2 years ago about some of the kids I have met in Ukraine. Let me give you a few updates!

Tonya is living in Transition home #2. She has a contagious smile and is going to school to be a fashion designer. Denis and Tonya have unofficially adopted her into their home.

Vanya is a Christian. He lives in Transition home #1 and he hopes someone will sponsor him so he can come to the United States for school. It is extremely tough being a black man in Ukraine. He is an amazing young man with a gentle spirit.

Andrea is living in Transition home #2. He is still one of the most friendly people I know with a huge smile. He likes to practice his English when Americans are around. He wants to be a contractor.

Little Tonya is still at Loubetein. Her dad still refuses to let her be fostered or adopted. She was away at a camp when I was visiting so I didn't get to see her this trip.

Alla came to visit us on Sunday night. She has not made a decision for Christ. I don't know what her life is like. She looked hard to me, BUT she came to see us and that says something.

Please keep these amazing kids and the ones coming behind them in your prayers. Pray that God will continue to work through Lifesong, that people in Ukraine will step up and join in the work and that people in America will step up and provide funds that make the work possible.

And, please pray that more and more orphans will break free from the cycle of hopelessness that ensnares so many.

I believe prayer is a powerful tool. Thank you for caring enough to lift these special kids up to our Heavenly Father - your prayers make a difference and that is an exciting thing!

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