Friday, December 07, 2007

An Update

Hello Friends -

I thought I'd take a little time and send out an update on our transition from 3 to 4. First of all, thanks for all your comments and well wishes - they have been fun to read.

I can't believe Sean has only been with us one week. It feels longer. He has been a good baby so far. The first few nights at home were a challenge, but the last few have been as good as can be expected. Nights have been much easier with him at this stage than with my other kids. During the day, he rarely cries unless it is feeding time or he is getting tired. I know all this can change, but I am thankful that for now he has been so good! It has made the intial transition to 4 kids less overwhelming!

I am really enjoying having ONE baby! He is so fun to snuggle. The kids are enjoying him too. Mya loves holding him and asks to several times a day.

On the down side, the fact that I am getting less sleep has definately been a challenge. I find myself more irritable at the older kids and quicker to cry myself (that is a combination of horomones and little sleep - a dangerous mix!). It feels so hard to be patient (and it was already hard before Sean arrived) - yikes! I just hope all they remember from this time is how exciting it was to have a new baby and not how grouchy their momma was!

Kory has been a huge help on this end, he has taken (and will be taking) 2 days off each week until Christmas. Just having another adult around (and someone to watch the kids so I can get a nap in) is huge! Our moms have been a big help in this regard as well. The extra help makes the transition easier.

So for now I am taking one day at a time (and taking each day one moment at a time). If I look too far into the future I tend to get overwhelmed which brings on the tears. I am thankful for your prayers - they do make a difference. And I am thankful for my family. I feel very blessed.


Anonymous said...

Love you Megan! Thanks for sharing your heart. Praying for you today.


megs @ whadusay said...

Thanks Sara that means a lot! I actually teared up reading your comment :)

Rebekah said...

It's so good to know how it's going. I will pray for you. It's so strange how life's greatest joys are often accompanied by difficulty as well. I love you!


Anonymous said...

Megan, I'm praying for your stamina. You're one busy mom! I'll be calling soon to drop something by. Take care.


Jessica said...

Megan, I am so glad to know its going well! I think of you often and pray for you as well as my other "mom friends" who I know go through (or have recently gone through) exactly what I am. I have mentioned to Darin on more than one occassion how impressed I am with how you and Kory are with your kids. You are such a good mommy to them, and I am pretty sure that is what they will are VERY forgiving : ) I love you! See you soon!

Mindy said...

I know how discouraging the first few weeks of adjustment can be...and I can't imagine having 3 more kids to add to the mix! When I was down those first few weeks and so sick of being up in the middle of the night when the rest of the world was sleeping, one of my friends gave me the best advice... She said that when she is up at night nursing she prays for other moms that have recently had babies. She said that she prayed for me every night! How humbling! Since that moment I have decided to do the same thing. So even though it's not fun to be up in the middle of the night we can take comfort in praying for our friends that are also up and going through a difficult season of life. Hope that can help you as much as it has me!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being real, Megan. We will continue to pray for your fam. I think the "after pregnancy emotions" are a big factor. I think it gets so much easier when the baby sleeps thru the night, it will come! Kuddos to Kory for taking time off, how nice!